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The Bat! 3.80.03 Home/ Professional - Final

ცნობილი საფოსტო კლიენტ პროგრამა.

პროგრამა იცავს თქვენს წერილებს პაროლით, გაძლევთ დახარისხების უნივერსალურ საშუალებებს და რაც მთავარია მუშაობს ჩქარა და ეფექტურად.

The Bat! 3.80.03 Home/ Professional - Final

თუ ჩამოქაჩვა გადაყწვიტე დააჭირე ბმულს

შესაძლებლობების ჩამონათვალი:
*** Features:
- Handling large volumes of e-mail
- Anti-spam Protection
- Efficient Antivirus Protection
- Unique MailTicker(TM)
- Comprehensive Scheduler
- Smart Sorting Office
- Handy Message Templates
- Quick Templates
- Microsoft Exchange Connectivity
- Message Parking
- Built-In Backup and Restore
- Mail Synchronisation
- Extended Support of National Codepages
- Convenient Message Dispatcher
- Fast Address Book
- Multilanguage Interface
- Submission Forms
- Strong Cryptography
- Powerful Import Wizard

*** Fast, Built-in Image Viewer
The Bat! has built-in image viewer supporting GIF, PNG, BMP, ICO, WMF, EMF and JPEG formats. You don't have to wait until an external image viewer gets loaded.

Changes in The Bat! v3.80:
[!] New interface customiser with rich capabilities
[*] Folder properties re-design
[*] 'Sorting office' re-design
[+] Filters: Ignore and read option for Selective download Filters
[+] "Load remote messages" command to queue loading of all unread (or selected) messages that were not downloaded from IMAP server at once.
[*] Message Editor: AB template is invoked the same once another header field is selected
[*] First four search scopes in message finder made persistent
[*] The "Display message groups as messages..." option
[-] (#0005663) Stop messages search not recognized
[-] (#0005742) LDAP Addressbook search could cause AVs
[-] (#0004722) Virtual Folders not showing all messages it should
[-] (#0004597) Backuping IMAP mails fails....
[-] (#0005751) Message list header has white background when using multiple sort
[-] (#0005757) Character set of the message changed in a VF is not saved
[-] (#0003157) Addressing a message to event's linked Address Book entries was not possible in a scheduled action of message creation
[-] (#0005555) Many duplicates in "Disable opening files" field in Protection section of Preferences dialog
[-] (#0005730) "Regexp too long" when opening attachments
[-] (#0005724) Scheduler actions for Sending/Receiving mail was not working
[-] (#0005793) (Beta) Option to send messages generated with filter actions was ignored
[-] (#0005374) roughly-estimated attachment size shown as exact.
[-] (#0004054) Errors while importing LDIF go to EXCEPT.LOG and do not cancel the entire process
[*] (#0004197) RFC-2231 is now supported for received messages
[-] (#0005550) Moving a filter in the filter tree could make another filter selected
[-] (#0005769) It was not possible to Use links to address groups in the "Wath&Send files" action
[-] (#0005390) Problem with Windows-1258 character set
[-] (#0005578) A cosmetic issue in the Account Properties dialogue
[-] (#0005782) Cosmetic bug in MicroEd caused text "leftover" when font's character set was changed
[-] (#0005769) Watch and Send files action was not sending one file when multiple files were sent separately
[-] (#0005817) Wrong button positioning in the Folder Properties dialogue when large fonts were used
[-] (#0005820) Sorting Office resize bug
[-] (#0005812) commas in pop: and imap: URIs weren't %-coded
[-] filename added to EXCEPT.LOG message when failed to create a LDAP#x.ABD file
[-] SMTP Auth was reset if account "created" by an existing one.
[-] IMAP: remote outbox fixes

TheBat! v3.80.03 Professional edition  10.0 მეგაბაიტი
TheBat! v3.80.03 Home edition  5.89 მეგაბაიტი
International Pack for Home Edition  4,5 მეგაბაიტი

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